Tiramisù Day March 21 - online Cookbook

Tiramisu is not just a dessert, but it is a famous symbol of Made in Italy. Francesco Redi, founder of the Tiramisù World Cup, says it, emphasizing not only how much everyone in the world likes its taste but also how much it is considered a representative of traditional Italian pastry, in the introduction of the Tiramisù Cookbook. The book, which can be downloaded online, is dedicated to the world dessert day, March 21, and contains a series of recipes selected from the hundreds that the competitors in the competition have presented to the jury for tasting over the years. 

Therefore, a courageous project in a certain sense, because when it comes to "traditional" specialties, Italians are fundamentalists and switch to the tranchant "prepare it as you like" or "it will also be delicious" but then "don't call it tiramisu" is a moment. Some time ago Benedetta Parodi told me that the only time she has suffered many criticisms and negative comments from the public was when she dared to present a strawberry tiramisu, so to speak. But with a little flexibility and gastronomic tolerance, perhaps with a dose of irony to taste. you can appreciate the imagination and taste of extravagant preparations.


On the other hand, in the contest, the creative tiramisu does not compete with the classic ones, but in a separate category: the sacred remains sacred, but without censorship of the alternatives. Which are often amusing not only in the result on the palate, but also in the names. For example, the winner in the "creative" class last year was Marina Summa's Stregamisù: the Strega liqueur was added to the mascarpone cream and the dessert was served in a single-serving cup.There is also the "Tiramisù who likes Gorgonzola" where mascarpone meets sweet Gorgonzola and sour cherries in syrup. Or the “Tel Kadayif tiramisu”, which the representative of the Tiramisu club Turkey, Nazmiye Bal created with pieces of toasted phyllo dough. Or, again, "Bellezza verde" with mint syrup, mint chocolate and pistachio paste. But that's not all: here is the "Radicchiomisu" which hides the compote of the Treviso vegetable and the scent of Maraschino; the “Tiramisu Tropical” with diced mango and clove aroma; the "Su tirami" by the winner of the Benelux Enterprise award 2022, with sponge cake and coffee jelly to create a roll (like a swivel) of tiramisu; the "Surprise" which hides walnuts, fig jam and Gorgonzola. But the dessert can also become a Sicilian cannolo, with the typical wafer instead of biscuits, or a zuccotto or a "cheesecakemisu".

There are also those who use only the ingredients of the classic sweet, but change their shape, as Ale Gambini, alias "A Queen in the Kitchen", founder of the Tiramisu Club California, does with her Praline di tiramisù, a bon bon that outside they look like chocolate truffles. Whether you are for the classic or you appreciate the creative, you are in good company: "the specific consumption of tiramisu in consumption outside the home is worth around 4 million and 200 thousand euros", says Dania Sartorato, president of Fipe and Confcommercio Unione provinciale Treviso. And even the delivery numbers confirm the preference of Italians. From a Doxa research for Just Eat, tiramisu is the most ordered of desserts. Meanwhile, while his day is being celebrated, there are already those who are preparing for the next world trophy on 5 October.

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