The Haute Couture of Drinking Bottles - IZMEE

IZMEE: The Stylish Water Bottle Brand That Will Stop You Using Plastic For Good. Demonstrate your awareness and individuality, by not using plastic but a stylish steel water bottle. Each product, accessory and item invites you to embrace colour, design and extreme expressiveness. It is typical Italian design with a cosmopolitan soul: cross-contaminations of styles mingle with unexpected details, culminating in a statement of a nonchalant attitude. And that just with a water bottle! For example, their GOLD Sunset model with 24 K gold plating that adds a precious touch. Or the Yellow Shine thermal bottle with all-over yellow crystal applications, cap with matching crystals and non-slip bottom in anthracite gray silicone.

Stylish design and environmentally friendly is the focus of  IZMEE . The steel water-bottle company, founded by Enrico Accettola, is an Italian brand with the ambition to contribute to reducing the environmental impact of plastic, but in a new and stylish way.  Italy is Europe's biggest consumer of bottled water and the second biggest in the world behind Mexico, with sales of 10 billion litres a year.  Given the founder's interest in fashion and wanting to find a way to reduce the world's plastic usage, he invented the eye-catching collection of ecological steel water bottles. A range of different designs and colors make them a desirable fashion accessory. IzMEE launched its first collection during Milan Fashion Week and can now be found sitting beside luxury fashion brands in stores across the world. The brand name is a play on words to sound like 'It's me'. When you own one of these bottles, it is an identity choice with a 100% Italian design, to express a responsible lifestyle in a distinctive and unique way.

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