Tiramisu: the real recipe of Santa Lucia mascarpone

Certainly a few calories but ideal but ideal to end a festive meal; as it can be prepared well ahead of time! This tiramisu recipe made with Santa Lucia mascarpone is really yummy! This mascarpone has the characteristic of being delicate and easy to work with, hence ideal for the soft mascarpone cream required for the ideal and most delicious tiramisu!


4 eggs; 500 g of Mascarpone Santa Lucia Galbani; 50 g of sugar; 350 g ladyfingers; espresso coffee (about 10 cups); 70 ml of Strega liqueur; bitter cocoa


 Let's start the preparation by working the eggs, the yolks to be precise, with the sugar and let's help ourselves with the electric whisk until the mixture becomes frothy. Add the mascarpone and begin to incorporate the ingredients, working them until you get a smooth and frothy cream. Separately, whip the egg whites that we have kept and whip them until stiff. Slowly add the sugar, about two tablespoons, and whisk again. At this point we can add the mixture with the mascarpone to this some egg whites and sugar.

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