Resolutions for 2023 to experience Italy to the fullest!

The New Year is an opportunity to reflect on what we want in life and from ourselves, and good resolutions are an opportunity for growth and challenge. Here are a few resolutions for you to experience Italy differently - adopting  a little bit of the Italian way of life. 

Explore Italian places off the beaten track

Try and explore Italian places off the beaten path, such as Bobbio in the Emilia Romagna; in the middle Val Trebbia, which has kept the characteristics of the medieval village intact. The symbol of the town is the Ponte Gobbo, a stone bridge of Roman origin, which crosses the Trebbia river with 11 irregular arches or Cefalù in Sicily; offering sandy beaches, winding Mediaeval streets flanked with all manner of shops, excellent restaurants serving the freshest of fish and its stunning Norman cathedral.

Mingle with the locals - visiting local events or markets

Mingle with the locals; either by visiting local events or local markets. Websites such as Tuttocittà inform about events across Italy. Book an immersion experience with a local resident in the city you are visiting such if you are in Perugia, book a tour or experience with a local guide; or book a dinner at home with locals in Milan or Rome. If you are staying at an AirBNB you can prepare your own meal at your local home - let's say you are staying at an AirBnB in Venice,  Cannaregio area and go to the Rialto market to shop for ingredients.

Adopt local Italian habits and customs

Adjust to the local Italian habits and customs - for example, go out for an Aperitivo prior to Dinner; go out for dinner where locals eat - research local in-spots. May be research local dishes and recipes prior to departure so that you know what to order and how to discuss food with the locals.

Immerse yourself in the local Café and coffee culture

Immerse yourself in the local coffee and Gran Caffe culture; sit outside and watch people go by. Try different local pastries, such as a sfogliatella, maritozzo or pasticciotto

Try local Italian Street Food and Specialities

 For lunch take time to eat and test local specialities - whether you call it street food or local delicatessen - either with a local guide or by yourself. It provides you with immense insights to the local regional traditions and customs. Italians take time to appreciate the simpler things - some local fresh bread and salami and cheese combined with a glass of local wine. You can even book a antipasti degustazione tour or just walk into one of the many local delis where you are visiting in Italy.

Admire and celebrate the beauty of Italy

Admire and celebrate the beauty of Italy - whether through visiting some of the most stunning museums or choosing smaller museums such as the Villa Borghese or art galleries such as the Peggy Guggenheim Gallery in Venice. Build in breaks for coffee in the museum caffe or outdoor areas - take it all in at a relaxed pace. Read up prior to your visit on the museum collection - or visit their websites prior.

Beauty in Italy is everywhere

Beauty in Italy is everywhere - local gardens and parks. Architecture and monuments and famous landmarks. Depending on the city you are visiting you can either inform yourself about the must-see items or book a local guide. Whether you follow the top 10 sightseeing items or whether you want to learn all about the local fountains in Rome or parks such as the famous Boboli Gardens in Florence; there are local guides available.


Italian Fashion and Elegance

Or just take time to window-shop in some of the elegant Italian shopping streets; such as Via del Corso where you also find the Galleria Alberto Sordi which is not far from the Fontana di Trevi and Piazza Navona; and also offer a number of Caffe or Restaurants stops to rest. Via del Corso also features the famous Department store La Rinascente where after a full shopping day, you can choose between a number of eateries within the store - either the famous MadeITerraneo restaurant or the stunning Rooftop Bar or their Gourmet Pizza restaurant Sorbillo Gourmand; or feel free to pick up a few dinner ingredients in their large Food Hall. 

Or venture to Via Cola di Rienze in Rome, where the locals shop - you'll find Italian brands such as Liu Jo, Stefanel, Coin Excelsior or Falconieri; stop for an aperitivo or coffee at Caffe Ciampini. or indulge window and people watching along Via Dei Condotti. Pause for a delightful coffee at Rome's oldest caffe - Antico Caffe Greco.  Be flexible with your itinerary - go with a flow. Walk and stop to enjoy a coffee or drink; and watch people.

Relax in picturesque Italian setting

And finally select a place where you can relax and reflect on all you have seen over the last few days or weeks as part of your Italian experience. Whether that is in an AirB&B apartment  you have selected in one of your favorite areas of your chosen city or a hotel which offers you a garden such as the Garden Hotel in Rome or Hotel Flora in Venice to relax.

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