Gourmet Panettone - from Italian Star Chefs - special Christmas present!

Do you want to make a special Christmas gift? Why not gift an Italian Star Chef Panettone? Christmas is approaching fast and on Italian tables there will certainly be the typical dessert of Italian Christmas - the Panettone. There are those who love the classic panettone with raisins and candied fruit and those who, on the other hand, love the classic pandoro. The famous Italian chefs, produce every year panettone with new flavors. Among the most loved and tastiest panettone there are certainly those of Antonino Cannavacciuolo; which you can buy online on his site. The best seller is certainly the one with gianduia.  The options include the classic Panettone made with a mixture of candied orange peel and candied lemon for 39 euros to the limoncello one prepared with white chocolate icing with candied lemon peel and a soft heart of Sorrento limoncello cream. The price of this delight is 49 euros.it is also possible to buy Panettone alla Melannurca from Campania PGI and Special Edition white chocolate for 50 euros. Among the best-selling panettone there is the pistachio one which, on the other hand, costs 53 euros, while to have the Special Edition Chocolate and Coffee panettone it is necessary to pay 61 euros.

Salvatore de Riso Panettone, just won the best panettone in Italy at the Panettone Artists 2022, the competition that rewards the best traditional classic panettone, without icing. The kermesse, now in its fifth edition and organized in partnership with the Gazzetta dello Sport, saw a team of experts grappling with the evaluation of the leavened products of fifteen Italian champions, led by the president of the jury Luigi Biasetto of Pasticceria Biasetto of Padua, defending champion . The award ceremony took place on December 4, during the "Happy Christmas Happy Panettone" event. Sal de Riso offers a range of panettone on his online shop, one of the most famous versions the one with fresh berries - Sottobosco. Other delicious options include Panettone Tiramisu, filled with espresso coffee and mascarpone cream; the Tre Cioccolati Gianduia; filled with Gianduia cream and white chocolate and dark and hazelnut chips or the Stella del Vesuvio Panettone; filled with natural candied apricot pieces and hazelnut glaze.

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