Paolo Giordano wins 11th edition of the Quality Literature Classification with "Tasmania"

Paolo Giordano won the eleventh edition of the Quality Classification: his novel Tasmania (Einaudi) is the book of the year for the jury of «la Lettura». Paolo Giordano is a physicist and a bestselling writer. His first novel, THE SOLITUDE OF PRIME NUMBERS, was translated into more than 40 languages worldwide and won the Premio Strega. He had also became second twice in the Quality Ranking, in the first edition of 2012 with The human body (Mondadori) and in 2018 with Divorare il cielo - Heaven and Earth (Einaudi) He is also the creator of the new HBO series WE ARE WHO WE ARE, co-written and directed by Luca Guadagnino. 

“If I had to, I would choose Tasmania. It has fresh water reserves, is a democratic state and is home to no predators for humans. It's not too small but it's still an island, so easy to defend. Because we will have to defend ourselves, believe me ».

Tasmania is a novel about the future. The future we fear and long for, the one we won't have, that we can change, that we are building. The fear and surprise of losing control are the sentiment of our time, and the warm voice of Paolo Giordano knows how to tell it like no other. We all can find ourselves in this highly sensitive and contemporary novel. Because everyone is looking for his Tasmania: a place where it is simply possible to save oneself.  However, there are times when everything changes. Something happens, a click is triggered, and the river in which we have always been immersed begins to flow in another direction. We call it a crisis. The protagonist of this novel is a careful and vibrant young man, he thought that science would provide him with all the answers but he finds himself faced with a wall of questions. With him are Lorenza who knows how to wait, Novelli who studies the shape of the clouds, Karol who has found God where he wasn't looking for him, Curzia who is longing, Giulio who doesn't know how to talk to his son. The crisis this novel tells about is not just that of a couple, perhaps it is that of a generation, certainly the crisis of the world as we know it - and of our planet. The magic of Tasmania, the force with which it calls us to every page, is the natural refraction between what happens inside and outside of us. Thus even the ghost of the atomic bomb, which the protagonist studies and reconstructs, becomes an exorcism: the apocalypse is in our debate, and in the uncontrollable movements of the heart.....

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