Italian Coffee Cups : how to start breakfast with Italian Joy!

Here some examples of Italian breakfast cups; indispensable and functional and make the moment of awakening special, with their colourful Italian design!

Whether they are personalized cups with Italian proverbs or Names or Star sign. Alternatively, you can choose some beautiful ceramic cups with traditional and modern design. On top of that, many Italian coffee brands such as Illy, Lavazza, Hausbrandt and many more offer beautiful branded designs.

Egan Homeware - Porcelain

Egan was born in Pollenza, in the industrious heart of the Marche region, among the beautiful hills that descend gently towards the east and extend their greenery to the blue of the Adriatic Sea. The company affirms its philosophy by harmonizing production development with the uniqueness and peculiarity of the product that is created and decorated by skilled hands that hand down their craft from generation to generation. Expert craftsmen take care of the creation of all our items, using ancient methods that perfectly combine earth and fire, meeting the most modern technologies.

Quarta Caffè

Quarta Caffè was founded more than sixty years ago by Gaetano Quarta. It all started with a small drum roaster in a bar in the historic center of Lecce.


For over a century, the Hausbrandt brand has been synonymous with coffee throughout the world. Founded in Trieste in 1892, the company led by the Zanetti family exports Italian taste and tradition to over 90 countries and is present in the most prestigious cafés on four continents. From the modern roasting plant in Nervesa della Battaglia (Treviso), in the heart of the Northeast, where the Group's headquarters are also located, Hausbrandt occupies a position of absolute prominence on the Italian and international scene. An iconic steaming cup to celebrate the warmth and joy of sharing. The exclusive line of cups Limited Edition 130 years. Bright colors, contrasting colors. Lines and geometries chase each other and play with the iconic Moka, to celebrate the 130th anniversary of the brand in a festive and energetic way. The interpretation of the history of the brand, offers a line of fun and lively porcelain, with matching saucers in three different patterns.

Personalized Coffee Cups

Another popular trend are personalized Coffee cups such as from cosystore.it. or olalla.it or Del Melo | Ceramiche d’Arte or  Ceramiche De Simone or coffeematicshop.it.

Illy Art Collection

Illy Coffee releases regularly special art collection of Illy cups, such as this set of 6 cappuccino cups. Cecilia Alemani, Curator of the Biennale Arte 2022, partnered with Illy to create this special collection. It describes the Milk of Dreams, theme of the 59th International Art Exhibition, as a magical world in which life is constantly reinvented through the imagination. For the illy Art Collection commission he invited artists with very different practices with the curiosity to see what imaginative metamorphoses they would propose.


 The main objective of Lavazza has always been to spread the quality and aroma of Italian espresso throughout the world. To be able to achieve this, the Italian coffee roaster has relied on excellence and innovation by taking strength from more than a century of experience. This experience is due to the beginning of the 19th century when Luigi Lavazza invented the concept of coffee blending. It is the difficult art to mix different coffee Proveniaces to obtain a harmonious and tasty product in the cup. Thanks to the experience, the use of the best raw materials and state-of-the-art technology, Lavazza can spread a unique and irreplaceable taste of its espresso at home and away from home.

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