Boom of second homes: Italians are changing their lifestyle

There is a boom in second homes for Italians. Whether by the sea or in the mountains, the important thing is that they are suitable for smart working and to get away from the daily environment and routine. The data of the 2022 National Real Estate Observatory released by Fimaa-Confcommercio speak for themselves: the numbers of second homes among Italians is seeing a real increase. The purchase of homes in holiday resorts, in fact, recorded an increase of 41% compared to last year. This trend is particularly evident in seaside cities – where the increase is as much as 43.4% – the increase remains significant even in the mountains and lakeside resorts. 

One of the causes of this phenomenon is undoubtedly the adoption of smart or hybrid working: the possibility of carrying out one's work remotely, in fact, has prompted many Italians to opt for the purchase of a second home, so as to enjoy the summer season to the fullest and, in general, work in a more relaxing environment. Now comes the difficult choice of whether to look for a home in the mountains or at the sea. Generally, second homes at the sea are preferred. One of  the most popular places for a second home by the sea is Varazze: the Municipality of Liguria, one of the surfing paradises in Italy. Marsala, in Sicily, is also one of the most popular places for Holiday rentals or sales; this was revealed by a survey conducted by Casa.it for Il Sole 24 Ore. Montesilvano is the eighth most visited location by those looking for a second home by the sea in Italy. Prices range from 1,100/1,350 euros per square meter.

We go to Puglia for the seventh location in the ranking where we find Monopoli, where the maximum price is 2,500 euros per square meter for an elegant home, while the average fluctuates between 1,200 and 1,800 euros per meter square. Comacchio, one of the shores of Ferrara, occupies the sixth position in the ranking: elegant homes can fetch about 2,000 euros per square metre. Going further down on the price ranking on fifth position, we find Ladispoli. In the locality of Lazio, the budget for buying a second home by the sea is more contained: it reaches a maximum of 1,300 euros per square meter for the more central areas.  In fourth place is Chiavari, in Liguria, one of the most popular regions in Italy for holiday reservations for the summer of 2022. Lowest step on the podium for Terracina, a splendid town on the Lazio coast. We remain in Lazio for the second position in the ranking, occupied by Anzio, where prices are more contained than in other places in the top 10: in the Lavinio a Mare area you get to 1,650 euros per square meter. 

In first place in the ranking of the most clicked places by Italians looking for a second home by the sea is Sanremo, which rises one position up compared to the previous year. Prices range from 3,250 euros per square meter for stately used homes to 3,000 euros for new medium-segment ones in the center or near the sea, reaching 4,600 euros per square meter for new or refurbished stately homes.

It is no coincidence that the demand for houses in the mountains is constantly growing. In fact, it is a destination suitable for every season of the year for a number of reasons:  Clean air and pleasant temperatures. In the mountains the percentage of humidity is lower and pollutants and allergens are almost absent.  Good food. The flavors of a time where tradition and passion for healthy eating prevails over passing fads. Sport. Suggestive paths and landscapes for trekking lovers. Snowy slopes for ski and snowboard enthusiasts.

 Mountain biking, rafting, canyoning and much more. There are many sports activities that can be done both on holiday and during the day. Relax. The wind and the branches of the trees. The silence of the valleys. No noise, cars and horns. A place where you can rest and find serenity from the frenzy of the city. The nature. Evocative landscapes that change and are full of charm according to the seasons of the year. A house in the mountains can be used all year round both for those who love winter sports and for those who adore the charm of the mountains in the summer. Options include an apartment in the mountains; a cabin in the mountains; or a chalet in the mountains. In 2022, the mountain resorts that yielded the most in summer for second home owners is Pinzolo, in Trentino, with an average gross yield of 6%. There is also Madonna di Campiglio and the Val di Fiemme which has reported a significant increase, with Cavalese as the most desired location.

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