How about a new Italian Kitchen Look for 2023?

The Italian kitchen is not only famous for its fabulous food and recipes but also for its stunning designs that wow everyone. This was especially at this year's  EuroCucina 2022 on stage the novelties of the solutions for the kitchen environment were presented. EuroCucina is the only major kitchen trade show in Europe (and arguably the most important global kitchen industry event), EuroCucina takes place in Milan every two years (Covid aside!) and is a great place to seek out the latest trends. There is no doubt that the Pandemic has influenced kitchen design trends; for example facilitating for people to connect across workspaces and the kitchen environment. Focus on creating spaces that could be used for all occasions, celebrations and day-to-day life. With sleek, simple and warm tones (a lot of wood) incorporated with appliances and technology to make life easier. There is no doubt kitchens are now becoming a centralised part of homes and lives. Here an example from Leix - combining the wood look with a strong colour such as Red. This color , in addition for being bold and standing for joy, also help with the appetite and spreads energy.

No doubt the new kitchen appliances with integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI), are the latest trend. For those who love cooking, but also for beginners, the new ovens offer Smart apps and sensors, such as from Samsung with its AI Pro Cooking ™ recognizes ingredients, optimizes settings and monitors food with the aim of ensuring perfect cooking. Or with Dual Cook Steam ™ functionality which focuses on the preparation of healthy dishes, with steam or traditional cooking, while the Sense-to-Open function allows you to open the oven door, without the need for a handle. Designed also for small spaces, they always manage to maintain high technological and formal standards. The natural look is still winning: neutral colors and wood make the space between the stoves soft and welcoming. 

Arclinea - Italia by Antonio Citterio

The kitchen Italy by Antonio Cittero for Arclinea promises a welcoming liveability of spaces: the Vingage stainless steel islands interact with the Lignum containment walls with a strip design. Presented in 1988, the Italia model marked the start of collaboration with Antonio Citterio, who was then to take over as art director and designer for the entire Collection. Right from its debut, Italia embraced the aesthetics and technical solutions typical of professional kitchens, bringing their functions and typical methods into the home years before this became a widespread trend: the characteristic handle, the prevailing use of steel, deeper worktops fitted with large cast iron hobs and double sinks, suspended hoods, and the iconic double-island layout. While staying loyal to its original concept, over the years Italia has evolved with the addition of new technical details, better-performing equipment, and more sophisticated finishes, confirming its vocation for maximum functional results.

Falper Small Kitchens

Small Living Kitchens, design Andrea Federici from Falper provide for a rational and simple cooking system; ideal for smaller spaces. A brand new concept patented exclusively by the Falper brand that revolutionizes the way of living the kitchen inside prestigious small-sized homes. In fact, it adapts to absolutely new sizes, starting from just 2.5 square meters. Objects to be exhibited complete the refined kitchen environment, in continuity with a sophisticated living area. Falper presents Small Living Kitchens™, a revolutionary concept for contemporary living. Kitchens designed for small-sized residences of prestige: the offering delivers high standards, sophisticated originality and conviviality, with all the characteristics of spacious kitchens.

The Islands come in three models, available in different sizes and characterised by different details, finishes and materials. The edges are precision machined at 45°, allowing continuity of the grain between the top and sides on the marble versions and welds in continuity on the steel versions, making the joints invisible.Excellent workmanship, innovative technologies and in-depth know-how are used to weld steel sinks directly onto the worktop and create flush or countertop hobs and cookers. Steel can also be used on doors and front panels.

Cucina Flux Swing - Scavolini

With Flux Swing from Scavolini, the union of aesthetics and functionality is accomplished, a balance of components, volumes, proportions, shapes and finishes. For those looking for stylistic cleanliness and innovative solutions; the Flux Swing Kitchen has particular shape of the doors and the connecting elements and also for the exclusive built-in hood model. The Slide ribbon element merges the kitchen and living room, the perfect lines of the breakfast counter and the peninsula represent the musts of this proposal unique and innovative furniture.

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