Stefano Gabbana of the most famous global Fashion Design Duo turns 60

Even though both of them come from different regions, the Sicily of Domenico Dolce (who was born in the province of Palermo) inspire the duo, and it is above all Stefano who falls in love with its art and symbolism, the aesthetics of the island.

The whole world knows them as Dolce & Gabbana -  the most famous Italian Fashion Design Duo of Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce. Who began working on their first collections in 1985 and when the Dolce&Gabbana fashion house was officially born. Through their incredible creativity and commitment to authentic Italian style, the fashion label became a leader in international fashion and a symbol of Made in Italy. The fact that their fashion reflects a very feminine design and style - very closely resembling that of the famous Italian Stars such as Sophia Loren and Monica Bellucci. - both of them brand ambassadors.

 On the occasion of Stefano Gabbana's  60th birthday, let us retrace his career and biography.  Stefano Gabbana was born November 14, 1962 in Milan into a humble, working class context: his father was a worker and his mother was a concierge. As a youngster Stefano accompanied his mother in her job, and this experience makes him grow up aware of the great value of work (a value he shares with Domenico Dolce, who has frequented his father's tailor shop since he was a child). He meets Dolce, who is the assistant Designer Giorgio Correggiari and who hires Stefano. He is given the desk opposite Domenico's, and the two realize they have a special synergy, and together decide to leave Correggiani's atelier to embark on an independent journey in the world of fashion. Their style and design as inspired above all by tradition. Initially mute response to their collection, but when they create a collection in honor of Madonna with her approval, the doors of success finally opened wide.

A special call-out to both of them on their commitment to supporting local artisans and Italian craftsmanship. Many of their fabrics and accessories are created by local artisans in embroidery or lace craft. They have a  strong commitment to the local artisan community who they collaborate with to ensure that those skills and designs do not disappear in Italy. They also recently launched the Autentica project featuring twelve small local stores and celebrating their one-of-a-kind artisans and endless efforts to keep their businesses open despite the difficult times, with the aim of supporting and honouring them.

A love for craftsmanship and beautiful things is declared in the project’s manifesto, with each letter of the word “Autentica” dedicated to a characteristic value.The collection tells the story of the ancient Sicilian woman through the delicate hands of skilled Italian artisans. Designs evoke traditional beauty through seductive blacks, intricately hand-painted and beaded lace gauges. The similarity between Cavalleria rusticana and the brand is probably due to the story of faith, sincerity, family, Sicily and even the mysterious black color.

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