Tiziano Ferro - the new album "Il mondo è nostro"

Tiziano Ferro is about to return in style with his new album "Il mondo è nostro" -  "The World is Ours" which will be released on 11th November. We have been spoiled with Tiziano Ferro's hits and songs in the past and cannot wait for the new single "La Vita Splendida".  The album boasts the collaboration of some important Italian artists and a very special international musician, the great Sting which together with Tiziano Ferro proposes a new version of  Sting's successful song "For Her Love". Then there is the return to the music of Ambra Angiolini: the singer-songwriter has recorded with the presenter and actress "Amber / Titian". There is also a duet with Roberto Vecchioni (“I miti”) and another with Caparezza for the piece "The angel of others and of himself". Finally, fans will be able to listen to "Rosso e relativo" in which Iron sings with the rapper thasup. During the next summer Tiziano Ferro will resume performing live with his TZN 2023 tour, which will start on 7 June in Lignano Sabbiadoro and will end on 14 July in Padua, up and down the boot of Italy promising an unforgettable show.

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    Jeroen (Sunday, 01 January 2023 12:50)

    What city is on the background

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    ciao@amalfistyle.com (Sunday, 01 January 2023 14:43)

    It is a surreal urban reconstruction freely inspired by the city of Los Angeles. A tribute to the city, the "home" for the recording of the new tracks of Tiziano Ferro.