The coolest Italian Brand Moccasins to have this season!

Whether the famous Gucci moccasin or Tod's new collection of moccasins or loafers with a more robust look. But other Italian quality shoe brands also offer a variety of moccasin designs.  We can combine them with every look: with elegant dresses, boyfriend jeans or masculine suits.  Comfortable, practical and versatile, we can't wait for the "mid-season" to arrive to wear them every day. Perhaps because they remind us a bit of our youth in the second half of the nineties ? But also because, if well selected, the moccasins really make the difference in a look. Celebrities prove how popular the Italian Moccasins are - and also how to combine them with style!

The perfect marriage is with the cigarette trousers, soft at the waist and on the hips that touch the ankle. T-shirt or shirt and blazer do the rest and give that special touch that knows no season or fashions. This year, however, we like the moccasin above all with wide jeans and oversized pullovers. But also in the "There is mail for you" version combined with a midi skirt and a twin set overlaid by the sailor jacket as Meg Ryan wore in the movie, that looks great. Or another option, to combine the moccasins with tailored Bermuda shorts (knee-length obviously) which would also suit the office to the aperitivo hour - a casual-chic style.

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