Biagio Antonacci - Palco Centrale tour 2022 - Live Central Stage Tour

The Palco Centrale Tour 2022  by Biagio Antonacci marks the live return of Biagio who for the occasion has chosen to perform in one of most important Italian sports halls on "central stage".  Thanks to the particular configuration of the show set up, the public will be seated at 360 degrees. This way they will have the opportunity to retrace all of Biagio's greatest hits at close distance together with the Milanese singer-songwriter. After the amazing live of the world rap star 50 Cent, the city of Jesolo is preparing to host Biagio Antonacci on the 5th November. After the first in Jesolo, Biagio will be in Rome at the Palazzo Dello Sport on 8 November.

He participated in the 38th Sanremo Music Festival in 1988 with the song Voglio vivere in un attimo.He slowly rose to recognition due to his two songs Danza sul mio petto and Però ti amo receiving airtime on the radio. But the real success came with the single 'Liberatemi', with which he toured Italy. In that period he collaborated with artists such as Syria, Angela Baraldi, Flavia Fortunato, Annalisa Minetti and once again took part in Sanremo. In 1994, then, he confirmed himself as a successful artist with the album that bears his name. For a long time, among other things, he collaborated with Laura Pausini.  Among his most famous songs, those that have made the history of music, we remember:

Sono cose che capitano


Mi fai stare bene



Sapessi dire no

L’amore comporta

Il cielo ha una porta sola

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