Prada launching fine jewelry collection from recycled Gold!

Prada - the luxury fashion house launches its first fine jewelry collection. Drop earrings, bracelets, heavy chains, sometimes with heart pendants, sometimes with triangle emblems including Prada's well-known  triangular trademark. Everything made of gold. The unusual feature is that the processed precious metal is completely recycled - and Prada advertises this aggressively.  Not necessarily the usual approach in the luxury industry. The collection is called Eternal Gold - a hint to the immortality of the material. Like many major jewelry and fashion houses, the focus is on sustainability. Even when buying jewelry and watches, emotions play a major role, and in particular young customers want to know exactly what the precious metals and stones are all about, including the materials used.

A campaign was launched to mark the début of Eternal Gold by Prada, a campaign celebrates exceptional personalities, such as the award-winning American poet and activist Amanda Gorman; the American actor, model, and singer-songwriter Maya Hawke; and Dutch-Korean-Canadian musician Somi Jeon. Prada’s own archetype, the triangle, is traced in every piece - an affinity found between Prada’s triangle and diamonds’ facets. The triangle appears as a clasp closure, earrings and pendants, while its angles shape chain links and hearts, the head of a snaked bracelet. Proportions are reconsidered - pendants are blown up, chain-links exaggerated to create impact. These jewelry pieces express strength, presence, passion. Eternal Gold is currently available in select stores worldwide and is to be available online starting October 17 in select countries as well.

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