‘The Equalizer 3’ being filmed on the Amalfi Coast

Sony Pictures announced that The Equalizer 3 has begun principal photography on the Amalfi Coast in Italy, and Denzel Washington, director Antonie Fuqua and actors Dakota Fanning and Gaia Scodellaro took a little time out of their busy shooting schedule to pose for some photos in this beautiful location. Based on characters created by Richard Lindheim and Michael Sloan, The Equalizer is a reboot of the legendary '80s television series of the same name. The franchise follows a retired intelligence agent named Robert McCall who transfers his honed in skills to the world of private investigation. Along with the film versions led by Denzel Washington, there’s also a CBS series heading into its third season with Queen Latifah starring as Robyn McCall.

The director Antoine Fuqua had already planned that the the film would be shot in Italy, in "seaside villages" - with 3 main locations being chosen:  Atrani, Minori and Ravello. So Denzel Washington returned to Positano; which is known to be one of his favorite holiday spots. He arrived a few days ago on his yacht, and then dined as usual at the Chez Black restaurant. He feel quite at home on the Amalfi Coast: during the summer, his yacht stays for several days in the bay and frequents the restaurants Chez Black or at Music on The rocks due to his personal friendship with the Russo family. For the shooting of the film though, he will stay for four weeks, and stay at the Santa Caterina Hotel in Amalfi.

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