Halloween Holidays in Italy

There are many Italians going on holiday for Halloween this year. One of the main reasons, is because flights and accommodation cost are much less than in the central summer months and at the same time the resorts are less crowded. Weekends are also popular, such as the Halloween weekend in Abano (from 28 to 31 October), the Halloween bridge in Lisbon and the one on the Amalfi Coast (both from 30 October to 2 November). In addition, “Revenge tourism” is still driving sales up; people wanting desperately to travel after the long Covid-19 restrictions.

Halloween on the Amalfi Coast and the Path of Lemons

Halloween Special: Spend the Halloween weekend with Meeters Travelguides on the incredible Amalfi Coast.

We will walk the enchanting Sentiero dei Limoni, an ancient paved path, which connects the two jewel villages of Maiori and Minori, considered one of the most beautiful and panoramic roads in the world!

We will go to the discovery of Vietri, the enchanting Borgo delle Ceramiche and the famous Amalfi with its famous cathedral.  Finally, we will visit Ravello: a true hidden pearl of the coast, also known as the City of Music.

Un Mercatino da paura - Abano Terme

At the Parco Urbano Termale, there will be over the long week-end of 28th October, a scary market where skeletons and dark characters will invade the Urban Thermal Park of Abano Terme. In the themed wooden houses, 20 exhibitors will offer typical food products, artisanal and commercial products of great interest.

There are many different destinations of where to go on Halloween in Italy:  Triora, the land of witches; Langhe, between castles and masche; Turin, the most esoteric city in Italy;  Viverone Lake and Roppolo Castle; Milan, on the trail of the devil;  Lake Garda for thrilling fun; Venice, legends among the canals.

The witches of Triora

In the Ligurian hinterland, in the province of Imperia, at 765 meters above the valley of the Argentina stream, there is the small village of Triora, a historically very important place from a strategic, military and religious point of view. Located on the border of Piedmont, it had five fortresses, accessible through seven gates and its military force actively participated in the campaigns of the Republic of Genoa. The village is above all known for the witchcraft trial that took place between 1587 and 1589 which involved many people, and even ended with the death of some of the accused women.

Milan - Pray in the Bone Chapel

San Bernardino alle Ossa is a church in Milan, northern Italy, best known for its ossuary, a small side chapel decorated with numerous human skulls and bones. In 1210, when an adjacent cemetery ran out of space, a room was built to hold bones.

Parco Sempione, the famous Milanese park, located in the historic center and very popular every day by both the Milanese themselves and tourists from all over the world, is home to an extraordinary and disturbing legend, that of the Veiled Lady. The Veiled Lady, together with other ghost figures that would populate the corridors of the nearby Castello Sforzesco, would seem to be a haunting nineteenth-century woman, able to ensnare men with her seductive skills but without ever showing her face, to make them come out of sense and drive them to madness. The story is about a gothic-looking woman, entirely dressed in black, who would usually ensnare her victims in a bewitching and seductive way. The victims would then end up giving in to her flattery and spending fiery nights of love with her before the lady reveals her real "ghostly" figure to them. The legend, which obviously has nothing concrete, led the authorities to inspect Parco Sempione from top to bottom in an attempt to find the woman's villa which seems to be hidden in a secret area of the same. The research never yielded any results.

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