Halloween in Italy - Pumpkin Gnocchi the perfect dish for Halloween!

Yes, Halloween is also being celebrated in Italy. Through cinema and TV series inspired, parents accompany their children who masquerade as evil creatures or characters from the underworld. In different regions, different ways of celebrating. In Genoa, the city on the night of October 31 is illuminated only by the light of the lanterns;  in Naples at the Robinson Park will host a Fuori di Zucca which is open to both adults and children; in Rome ghosts and zombies invade the amusement parks. An alternative Halloween is celebrated in Milan. No zombies, witches and ghosts but night events at museums, cultural evenings almost everywhere and many occasions to celebrate with dancing and having fun. Many bars and nightclubs will host mega-galactic parties. It is amazing how in a few years, the night of October 31 has become the most important evening for the people of the night. In some ways, we could assimilate Halloween to our Carnival, albeit decidedly oriented towards the darker, supernatural aspect. Just in time for Halloween, here is a recipe for the perfect Pumpkin Gnocchi - or as in Italian - Gnocchi di Zucca. 

Gnocchi di Zucca

Pumpkin dumplings are a really easy autumn first course to prepare. 


600 g pumpkin; 300 g 00 flour + 100 g if necessary; 1 egg

1 pinch nutmeg; salt; 80 g butter; 100 g gorgonzola; sage


Slice the pumpkin keeping the skin on; put in a microwave-safe container and cover with plastic wrap cook until soft; let it cool and remove the peel, blend. If the pumpkin is rich in water, put everything in a cloth and squeeze to remove the excess liquid, this will allow you not to add too much flour afterwards. Put the flour, pumpkin puree, egg, a pinch of salt and nutmeg on a pastry board. You will need to obtain a compact and not too sticky dough, so if necessary add more flour. Divide the dough and form several loaves, then cut into small pieces not too large to form the gnocchi. Pop into the boiling salted water. In the meantime, melt the butter with the sage; when the gnocchi are ready add them to the sage butter. Serve and decorate with a few cubes of gorgonzola that will melt with the heat of the gnocchi. Buon appetito!

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