The Rome Jewellery Week has started!

The Rome Jewellery Week has officially opened, the week entirely dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of contemporary jewellery.  A three-day event in conjunction with the Incinque Jewels Award organized by the Incinque Open Art Monti association. This is a contest that aims to promote the culture of contemporary jewellery in Rome and which will take place for the first time in the historic location Auditorium di Mecenate, an environment over two thousand years old, dating back to 30 BC. 

Jewellery designers and  Roman goldsmiths are invited to participate as protagonists of the RJW, as well as jewellery ateliers, galleries, academies and associations. Last years' exhibition was open also to designers from other Italian cities and from abroad. At the center of the event were the precious creations on display, which showcased the goldsmith art between tradition and contemporaneity. The intent of the RJW was to offer the public a high cultural value that would enhance the great historical and artistic heritage of Rome. Especially in such a complex current period, the city had to reclaim the spaces dedicated to art, design and craftsmanship to return to attract not only for its magnificent historical monuments but also for the immense heritage in the field of goldsmith art and artistic jewellery.

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