Celebrating the Italian National Day of Historic Places of Italy

The National Day of Historic Places of Italy is an event that takes place every year on the first Saturday of October and is dedicated to raising awareness of the historical and cultural heritage represented by the members of the Association. With this day, through guided tours, tastings, conferences and much more, it will be possible to learn about the stories of the historic places that have contributed to making Italy a place of  cultural and artistic excellence. Hotels, restaurants, pastry shops, confectioneries and cult cafes of 16 regions revealed anecdotes, recipes and illustrious visits to visitors and tourists. 

After the success of the first edition, on Saturday 1 October 2022 the Historical Places Association opened their doors to tell the memories that have made Italy a country rich in history and culture, through initiatives organized by each venue participating in the event. Watch the attached video to be vowed! For each region, you can select the cities and the participating venues.  Each venue was sending out beautiful postcards - unique collector items. What a great way to celebrate Italy's cultural heritage and customs.

From North to South, visitors were able to taste local specialties such as Sardinian alla marinara in saor and soft polenta from the Osteria Antico Dolo in Venice or the Palermo warmth of the Casa del Brodo restaurant "dal Dottore" in Palermo, passing through Campania for a sip of the Rosoli Liquors of the 'O Canonico 1898 restaurant in Sorrento . And if in Trentino Alto Adige, you can sip Rum with Valrhona chocolate at the Hotel Cavallino Bianco in San Candido, at the Trattoria called del Bruxaboschi in Genoa you will get up from the table only after having tried the Fried Sweet Milk according to the old recipe of the restaurant. There are many flavors, but also the suggestions of the places frequented by famous personalities from history, art, politics and the international jet-set: at the Due Torri in Verona you will look out from the balcony from which Garibaldi talked to the citizens on the unity of 'Italy, while at Harry's Bar in Florence a drink will be ordered resting where Liz Taylor drank her champagne. For this years' program, the Piedmont region conquered the title of the region with the most venues/members participating, followed by the Veneto Region.

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