Close to Heaven - Italian Hotel Design in South Tyrol

Above is the sky, below is the earth:  the new Wellness area of the alpine and panorama Hotel Hubertus in South Tyrol is amazing. The free-floating platform called "Heaven & Hell" was conceived and turned upside down by the Italian architecture studio Network of Architecture (NOA). On the upper level of the steel construction, a lounger and seated whirlpool provides relaxation, downstairs it gets hellishly hot in the sauna. As the Hotel promotes it as being between heaven and earth, in one of the most picturesque places amidst the Dolomites. Surrounded by the imposing Dolomite peaks with their impressive rock faces, who are silent witnesses to the forces of nature that shaped this special region. Borders disappear against this backdrop; borders between architecture and landscape, heaven and earth, man and nature.

Its gourmet restaurant merges traditional South Tyrolean delights with light Mediterranean delicacies. Under the guidance of its chef Thomas Mayr, who has gained experience all across the globe and is celebrated for his culinary art. If  you are ready for a truly unique journey of indulgence and stunning location, book your next holiday in the Alpine Hotel Hubertus in Olang in South Tyrol.

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