Milano Marittima - Glamorous Beach Destination in the Emiglia Romana

Milano Marittima - north of Rimini is a garden city completely hidden in a pine forest. Although it is right on the sea like the other bathing resorts, but since it was founded in the early 20th century, there are no big hotels here, but elegant villas and boutique hotels. The crowd wears Gucci and Prada, cruises in a Ferrari for an aperitivo that costs as much as a full dinner in Bellaria.

Fabulous Beach resorts such as Papeete or Peperittima to choose from - already in preparation for your next year's holiday!

Choosing the right bathing establishment for your holidays in Milano Marittima is very important, as it allows you to enjoy the sun and the beach in the best possible way. As it is easy to understand, the possibilities available to those who are in Milano Marittima are really many and very different from each other. Based on your type of holiday, and your personal tastes, you can find a wide selection of options to choose from. The Peperittima is one of the best reviewed Milano Marittima establishments in the city. For those looking for a beach to relax in the best way, the Peperittima also offers a series of XL beds. Much more spacious and with even more space between one bed and another. This solution has been designed for those who want greater privacy and not be disturbed by the neighbor's cot.

Papeete is the most famous beach on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Every year, thousands of people choose it to spend a few days of fun listening to good music and dancing with many other people by the sea.

For many years it has been the reference point for the nightlife of the coast, from where fashions have started that over time have spread all over the world. With the arrival of the evening, starting at 18:00, the beach is transformed and becomes a real open-air disco. DJs from all over Italy, and on some evenings even from outside Italy, entertain everyone present with the best music of the moment.

Another of the beaches most appreciated by the many people who are on holiday in Milano Marittima, which is happy to host even four-legged animals. Bagno Dario, in addition to providing an area for pets, is a first-rate seaside resort that offers everything you need to spend unforgettable days on the seafront sunbathing, relaxing and having fun with lots of games.

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