Bulgari - exhibiting its Emerald collection at Villa Farnese

The jewelry fashioned by Bulgari has been admired and worn by a number superstars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Gina Lollobrigida, and Sharon Stone. In their latest High Jewellery collection, they chose a very fitting setting with the famous Villa Farnese as a backdrop for its Eden Collection launch. Created by Lucia Silvestri, the company’s award-winning creative director for high jewelry, Bulgari Eden: The Garden of Wonders is a dolce vita collection that fuses those aesthetic codes into a lapidary salute to Madre Natura, with artful evocations of everything from fruits to foliage to serpents. One of the prizes of the 140-piece trove is the Emerald Archway necklace, a tour de force ornament that expertly channels the grandeur of the gardens of Villa Farnese—an iconic estate near Rome that was created in the early 16th century for the future Pope Paul III—into a river of glittering gems.

Bulgari has released a 60-second video featuring the unveiling of its exciting new High Jewelry creations in Paris. The film features Brand Ambassadors Anne Hathaway, Priyanka, and Lisa showcasing some breathtaking masterpieces of the Eden High Jewelry collection pieces. Among the pieces featured throughout the video are the Emerald Glory necklace, Tribute to Paris necklace, which frames a wondrous 35.53-ct emerald with a unique motif inspired by the Eiffel Tower, the Emerald Ode ring, the Eden Enchantment Necklace, the Emerald Venus necklace, the Serpentis Ocean Treasure necklace, which guards a showstopping cornflower blue sapphire totaling 61.31 carats, and more.  The Paris Necklace - a bold tribute to Paris: spectacular gemstones and man's ability to sublime nature's most precious gifts into magnificent aesthetics. At the heart of the stunning necklace sits a wondrous cabochon-cut emerald of 35.53 carats, exalted by the ultra-feminine "Tour Eiffel" leitmotif set with 461 buff-top emeralds (26.63 ct), 317 fancy-shaped (14.11 ct) and pavé-set diamonds (14.76 ct). The final touch is given by more than 50 pear-shaped diamonds, infusing the composition with additional lightness and elegant movement. Unleashing its precious green shade at the heart of the Emerald Ode ring is a sublime antique cushion-cut Colombian emerald of 11.38 ct, a testament to Bulgari's discerning eye for exquisite emeralds.

Bulgari welcomes you to an extraordinary world of marvels, boundless creativity and limitless artistry with the most breathtaking masterpieces of the Eden High Jewellery collection. Breathtaking gemstones, unique creativity and unrivalled craftsmanship: the Emerald Glory necklace is a triumph of Bulgari's hallmarks as a High Jeweller. With its regal design that immediately brings to mind the legends of charming queens and princesses, the showstopping creation is embellished with an extraordinary gift of nature, namely an exquisite set of eleven pear-shaped emeralds from Colombia, totalling 42.02 carats, perfectly calibrated in terms of clarity, colour, cut and size. The necklace perfectly represents the concept of uniqueness in the realm of High Jewellery: rich in sparkle and brilliance, the creation features single parts ingeniously connected together, one by one, to achieve its surprising wearability. Each white gold element is individually moulded to best frame the 73 pear-shaped brilliant-cut diamonds (110.39 carats) and exalt their refined radiance and delicate movements.

A tribute to the natural elements and their power to generate beauty, the Serpenti Ocean Treasure necklace dives into the mesmerising depths of the sea through transformation of Serpenti, Bulgari's most cherished and constantly evolving icon, symbol of endless creativity and unstoppable innovation.As the stunning and incredibly bright focal point of the piece, an exceptional 61.30-ct drop-shaped sapphire from Sri-Lanka jealousy treasured by the snake itself, captivates with its vibrant and vivid "cornflower" blue heart. A unique treasure of nature, guarded by the most powerful creature in the Bulgari Garden of Eden.

The Eden enchantment necklace design is inspired by a Bulgari necklace of the 1930s, featuring a double festoon structure perfectly balanced by the thick, diamond-set chain on the back.

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