Create your ultimate Italian Summer Table Decor!

Whether it is to celebrate a special occasion, for a lunch or dinner with friends or for the everyday table, it is always very enjoyable to find yourself in front of a beautifully set table. It makes us feel welcomed and also helps to communicate the theme or atmosphere we would like our friends or family to experience. As the Italian summer is still in motion; it provides us with a great opportunity to celebrate this with a special summer lunch or dinner in the garden or on the balcony. Here we are sharing with you some stunning Italian table decor from Italian brands such as Andrea Fontebasso or Villa D'Este Home, which may inspire you. Bringing some of the colors and patterns that this season gives us for a summer table which will clearly impress.

The blue of the clear sky, the yellow of the hot summer sun and the intense blue of the sea are mixed with notes of green that recall the vegetation of the Mediterranean landscape. These are the colors that inspire the Mediterranean-style summer table, a real key opener for an Italian summer lunch or dinner occasion. Here tableware in stile mediterraneo by Andrea Fontebasso.

Villa d'Este Home Tivoli is a great choice to decorate your summer table; to make it distinctively more Mediterranean and modern. Villa D'Este Home offers many items that you can buy both as a single piece and in sets with assorted colors.  Inspired by the original Villa d'Este a 16th-century villa in Tivoli, near Rome, famous for its terraced hillside Italian Renaissance garden and especially for its profusion of fountains, the Villa D'Este Home Tivoli range has a large range of different designs and colour combinations to create true authentic Italian Flair.

Virginia Casa was born by the experience and the know-how of a Company working in the field of pottery art from 50 years. Ceramiche Virginia began her work in Montespertoli, in the land of Tuscany, back in 1971.Inside the Virginia Casa Factory, skilled craftsmen give shape and color to wonderful pottery items which are intended to furnish the house and the table.

A collection of beautiful lines made in different styles ranging from country chic, to classic and neoclassic, from baroque to minimalism, all reinterpreted following contemporary trends and mind-style.

Lacapasa.com is the Online Shop of Apulian Artisan Ceramics. Handcrafted ceramic plates and accessories decorated with the traditional stained effect, called 'Smamriato' in the local dialect. This decoration of the Apulian tableware was obtained in the past by spraying the surface of the object with a bundle of myrtle or olive tree dipped in liquid glaze. Today the Masters of Ceramiche Grottaglie continue with this tradition by using the brush or the fingers of their hands to randomly splash the color on the bottom of the dishes. The range of MACCHIA is also the reference to the Mediterranean plant, made up of fragrant aromatic plants dotted with colorful flower heads. Mint, sage, rosemary and more savory, thyme and marjoram. Let spring and summer come into your house or apartment from breakfast time to coffee break until after dinner in the reading corner! You can compose your tableware by choosing the number of pieces and the color you prefer! 

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