Italian summer hits for 2022

This summer of 2022 songs that connect you with the summer in Italy. The feeling of Italian sun, beach and sea. The salt in the air, the cool drinks, the breeze of the night. There are many options from from the fun retro-style atmospheres to the Jamaican dancehall, the freshness of pop rhythms up to techno-rave sounds of the 90s. The musical "superheroes" of Italian Pop are back such as Fedez, this time with Tananai and Mara Sattei, with "La dolce vita"; there is no shortage of Boomdabash with Annalisa for "Tropicana" or "Tribale" by Elodie up to the couple composed of Elisa and Matilda De Angelis with their "Litoranea".

Have a great Italian summer!

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