Cornetto, brioche and croissants: do you know the difference?

Cornetto, brioche and croissant are not the same thing. These typical Italian  breakfast stable may have a different names based on the Italian location in which it is requested at the bar. According to the traditional recipe , these three delicacies are different from each other both for the method of processing the dough and for its composition and the ingredients used. For example, what throughout northern Italy is referred to as brioche and dipped in cappuccino on cold winter mornings, is a soft and puffy dessert. Prepared with a lot of butter, flour, sugar, yeast and water, it is very similar to the Sicilian brioche: round and with a ball at the top. 

The confusion that is often made between cornetto and croissants is also given by the fact that the Italian cornetto is made with the same dough as the French brioche (but with more butter), i.e. the leavened and baked cake in the shape of a small inverted pandoro. with a ball of dough on the "belly". The brioche is peeled and then added layered butter. In summary, cornetto and croissants are different because the dough of the  Cornetto contains eggs, butter and more sugar. It is not just a difference in the dough : the cornetto has a fine and crunchy crust. While in the croissant to obtain the fine and long-lasting crunchiness on the crust, almost all the sugar in the dough is eliminated (not like that of the brioche from which the croissant derives, which remains soft).

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