Spaghetti al pesto alla Pantesca: the traditional Sicilian dish.

Spaghetti al pesto alla Pantesca: the traditional Sicilian dish. Very few ingredients, all fresh and delicious. In Naples, this type of pasta sauce commonly goes under the name aulive e chiappariell (olives and capers). The dish under its current name first appears in gastronomic literature in the 1960s. The earliest known mention of pasta alla puttanesca is in Raffaele La Capria’s Ferito a Morte; a 1961 Italian novel which mentions "spaghetti alla puttanesca come li fanno a Siracusa (spaghetti alla puttanesca as they make it in Syracuse)". 


320 g of spaghetti; 30 g of pitted green olives;  40 g of Pantelleria capers; 100 g of tuna in oil; extra virgin olive oil; cherry tomatoes (of your choice)


The first thing to do will be to coarsely chop the capers and olives. Do not chop them too finely; it should still have some texture. Chop the tuna too. Always cut with a knife and not with a mini blender. In a bowl, add both the tuna, capers and olives. Mix everything well and turn with a spoon. Mix and add some oil - about 5 or 6 tablespoons of oil. 

Put the mixture aside, and meanwhile fill a pot with water and boil the water. We then drop the pasta (better spaghetti). Drain them al dente and add the pesto alla pantesca to the pan. Then add the pasta with a little bit of the pasta cooking water. Then season with more olives and capers if the seasoning is not quite there yet. Buon appetito!

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