Lardo - the divine ingredient from Hosteria del Maiale Spigaroli

An exciting story that recalls Giuseppe Verdi's passion for culatelli and the linkage to the Hosteria del Maiale in Spigaroli.  150 years ago great-grandfather Carlo who was the trusted ‘norcino’ (literally, pork butcher) of Maestro Giuseppe Verdi! He produced the salumi and culatelli whose praises were sung in the Maestro Verdi's  correspondence. Verdi wrote to his friends that his “dearest travelling companions are salame, culatelli, cooked shoulder of pork and my own wine !” In Polesine Parmense, there is the Antica Corte Pallavicina and the Culatello Museum, a rustic place where you can eat traditional cuisine, including the famous Lardo di Colonnata. This product is a deliciously seasoned, cured slab of pure fat from the back of the pig, which has been cured in a particular way, and it is a delicacy in Italy where it can often be seen on a platter of Salumi (Italian cured meats). Lardo di Colonnata is a superior product and it is protected by an IGP designation, meaning that production is restricted to the region around the little village of Colonnata.

The Hosteria del Maiale Spigaroli is based in a 1300s castle located in Polesine Parmense on the Po river floodplain. Inside, refined settings, candlelight, an elegant mise en place and impeccable service creates the perfect atmosphere for a special dinner. The Michelin Star cuisine headed up by chef Massimo Spigaroli. The menu boasts delicacies such as the Culatello Oro degli Spigaroli;  and dishes such as poached white-shelled egg on sweet potato cream, purple and black potato chips from floodplain; Chicken ravioli, prawns, and broccoli; Capon sandwiched with foie gras, black floodplain and chestnuts, accompanied by glazed onions and champignons.Culatello di Zibello PDO with pickled vegetables; Tagliatelle with white beef ragout ; Anolini filled pasta with broth;  Farm style liver ; Black pig’s shank with potatoes and many more.

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