The great bread festival: Forni e Fornai in Monghidoro

The great Bread Festival - Forni e Fornai is an event organized by the Slow Food Wheat Community of the Upper Apennines between Bologna and Florence and dedicated to the world of bread making. Held in Monghidoro,  a town in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines that has 3,900 inhabitants and 60 hectares of wheat. The third edition of this event was held here on May 21 and 22 May, dedicated to the world of bread and wheat. Showcasing the ancient tradition of bakers of this region. Throughout the day, markets of typical products, live music were held. And of course lots of bread was baked and blessed on the occasion of the Corpus Domini procession in the square of Moghidoro.

Monghidoro, in fact, is located on that Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and has always been an important town for the production of bread. There are still three community ovens present for the 3000 inhabitants, but many mills, more than thirty, but not all in use anymore. To attract more people and visitors, 16 years ago a special path - Via del Pane - was created, connecting Monghidoro with the neighbouring municipalities, such as Loiano and Monzuno. This has transformed the region into a Food Community, with an association of bakers and grain producers. In summary, grain is an integral part of this territory; it could not exist without the wood that surrounds them - the vast cherry and chestnut trees.


And of course, when visiting Monghidoro, try a few of their famous Bakeries, such as Panificio Salomoni or Il Forno di Calzolari; or Forno di Piamaggio.

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