Italian Art on the table - Ginori 1735 Porcelain

The brand that has always symbolized excellence in ceramics and furnishings in Italy is Ginori. The name Ginori 1735 refers to the eighteenth-century origins of the company, when the Marquis Carlo Andrea Ginori launches the future Manifattura di Doccia in Doccia, in the villa of the family estate.  A very interesting case is that of the collaboration born between Paolo Stella, influencer and creative director, and the architects and designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, who created La Gabbia, a limited edition capsule collection produced by Ginori. Tradition and manufacturing excellence intertwine with timeless beauty. In 2013, the Manifattura Ginori was acquired by Gucci under the artistic direction of  Alessandro Michele. In 2016, Ginori 1735 went under the direct coordination of the Kering Group. Today Ginori 1735 is an expression of excellence in Italy and in the world in the high artistic manufacture of porcelain, able to combine craftsmanship, creativity and attention to progress.

Fashion, art and history often share a common path that leads us to travel through time and our imagination. Inspired by Luke Edward Hall's love of Greco-Roman mythology, the Viaggio di Nettuno collection represents a creative vision where classical dialogues with modern.

Nobility sometimes depends on your bloodline. Or on your table set. Three hundreds years of history and a long tradition in hospitality. And still it looks so fresh and fascinating. Contessa Collection melts timeless craftmanship with airbrush technique, while pigments and precious metals are applied and drown by hand on every piece. Charming, just like its host.

Get lost in a beautiful maze. With no fear to defy the usual. Invite your guests to enter the maze. A logical path of lines, creates a charming visual pun where ancient mythology and contemporary design meet. Indeed, Labirinto collection was inspired by the pattern created by Gio Ponti in 1926. An elegant way to have dinner out of the box.

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