Adidas x Gucci Collection - launching on June 7th

Collaborations are often a clever exercise in merging brand signifiers to produce desirable hybrids that tempt consumers. Here two giant giant brands Adidas and Gucci have created a cool and practical joint collection. A bit of retro chic but still sufficiently sportive. The Adidas tracksuit—a sportif version of the traditional masculine suit, serves as the collection's calling card emblazed with adidas and Gucci's re-coded emblems. The play on interlocked logos was spread with gusto across the women’s and men’s collections, which exude a gender-fluid, dressed-up athletic vibe. The adidas three stripes and the Gucci green-red-green web, which look quite similar, appear as simultaneous appliqués on the sides of joggers, zippered sweats, shorts, bell bottoms, and pencil skirts, while the lotus-shaped adidas trefoil, first used in 1972, has been given the Michele treatment.

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