Macco di fave: a Sicilian peasant dish - rich in southern flavour

Of peasant tradition, Macco di Favet is tasty dish but also good for your health. It is a traditional dish of Southern Italy. There are many different versions, including a Michelin Star Chef version of  Pietro D'Agostino. Maccu is also the name for a Sicilian soup and can also be prepared with dried and crushed fava beans and fennel as primary ingredients. Different versions of this dish exist: such as  Bruschetta al maccú and Maccu di San Giuseppe, the latter of which may be served on Saint Joseph's Day in Sicily.


300 g Fresh broad beans (or dried and rehydrated); 1 Onion; q.s. Salt; q.s. Extra virgin olive oil; q.s. Black pepper; 400 g Spaghetti


Cut the pods of the broad beans so as to reach the seed, for 300g of fresh broad beans you need 1kg.

Empty the pods and get the beans, do this for everyone.

Remove the skin from the beans with the help of the incision you made with the knife.

Rinse everything under running water and slice an onion, brown it in extra virgin olive oil.

Add the beans to the onion, add salt and let it brown. Cover the beans with water and cook, when all the liquid has evaporated, mix vigorously so that they come apart, becoming almost a puree.

Cover with water again, do not add much, the pasta with maccu is a thick soup, if needed you will add it a little at a time, bring to a boil and add the broken spaghetti.

Stir often, especially towards the end, the pasta in fact tends to stick easily, turn off the heat when it is still al dente. Give a couple of rounds of extra virgin olive oil, mix and serve, wait 5 minutes and serve, add a sprinkling of black pepper and ... enjoy your meal! Grazie a Giallo Zafferano!

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