Happy Birthday Valentino Garavani!

In the famous Via dei Condotti, tourists and shopaholics press their noses flat. Valentino Garavani once founded an Italian fashion empire where luxury brands have their branches in the historic palazzi.  It was 1959 when Valentino opened here his first studio. Together with his business partner and at times also his life partner Giancarlo Giammetti, he led the Valentino brand to world fame. For the dog lover, the focus was always “la bellezza”, creating beauty for women. The fashion designer celebrated his 90th birthday on May 11th. He was born Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani in 1932 in the small Piedmontese town of Voghera, south of the fashion metropolis of Milan. 

Even after Valentino left his brand founded in 1960 in 2008, the famous Valentino red has not disappeared from the collections, which designer Pierpaolo Piccioli is now in charge of. The corona pandemic apparently Valentino personally hard, like many others. A journalist asked him last summer whether he wanted to travel again. "I wonder if I really want that," the designer replied. He still hasn't gotten used to the noise and the events, and he prefers his quiet home with his dogs and closest friends.

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