Cipriani Foods - Indulge in a truly Venetian Experience!

The Cipriani family began its adventure in the bar and restaurant business 90 years ago, with the opening of the legendary Harry’s Bar in Venice. Over the years, the brand has evolved and grown thanks to the extraordinary capacities of three generations of the Cipriani family, increasing the business’s fame exponentially worldwide.  Cipriani Food developed out of the experience gained from a lifetime devoted to the restaurant and bar industry, commitment to using only the best ingredients and, most importantly, love for good food. A product line that expands year after year, always and exclusively offering the best of Italy: the famous egg pasta of Arrigo Cipriani, the traditional Venetian cake the Fugassa, sauces, jams, biscuits, the Bellini and much, much more. And for special occasions, the Cipriani Gift Hampers are the ideal present or gesture.

Cipriani is recognised as a symbol of Italy all over the world. The historic Venetian restaurant Harry’s Bar is a must stop on our visits to Venice, beloved more than any other by international artists for the view, food and proverbial flexibility of the dining room. The global expansion of Cipriani has made it possible to enjoy its specialities in London, New York and many other cities: the informal atmosphere and obsessive attention to detail make its restaurants truly unique.

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