Armani Casa matches artworks and furniture to create timeless compositions

The fashion house of Giorgio Armani, has been a leader in design of both fashion and décor of items with a strong brand identity and timeless appeal, all delivered with utmost Italian craftmanship. Founded almost five decades ago, it continues to be steered by its razor-sharp founder, and its blend of geometry, clarity and quality remain as intact and alluring as ever. 

In 2000, Giorgio Armani unveiled Armani Casa, a full-scale expansion into the interior design world, with a large range of luxury offerings in furniture, accessories and decorative objects, and later, an in-house studio in charge of Armani-branded hotels and residences. To top this, Armani Casa has entered into another creative sphere: art, with a new project aptly titled Art & Armani Casa. Directed by Nick Vinson of Vinson & Co, the project sees emblematic pieces from the brand’s collection paired with important art and artefacts, ranging from Roman antiquities to contemporary works, intersected by prime examples of modernism. ‘This project is a celebration of the timeless value of beauty, brought out in all its clarity by a series of unexpected and inspiring conjunctions,’ says Mr Armani. ‘I have always worked by means of subtraction, eliminating what is not necessary to highlight the material, design and workmanship. Pieces of furniture are made to stay: compared to fashion, they have an extended lifespan, which shines through in these images with exciting intensity.’ 

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