Quick trip to Puglia - Angelina Jolie staying at a stylish Masseria in the Salento region

24 hours of rest in one of the most beautiful places in Italy: Salento. Angelina Jolie arrived on a sunny early spring afternoon. She walked and rested in a Masseria near the sea - the Francescani Masseria, on the outskirts of Lecce.  It is an ancient fortification recently restored under the aegis of the Superintendency of Cultural Heritage. Since it was completed a year and a half ago, it has become the destination of many celebrities. Attracted by the landscape and the food. But, above all, from the guarantee of extreme privacy, considering the 4 hectares of land that surround it.

Along the ancient Via Del Carro which, from north to south, connected the farmhouses of Salento stands Masseria Francescani. Ancient fortified Masseria from the 16th century, it is composed of nine suites in balance between historical and contemporary setting. Mixed together, intertwined so that one style does not stand out over the other, this is how we have chosen to recreate warmth and hospitality in our spaces by combining two distant and different furnishing trends. The simple and clean lines of the contemporary style, the warm and porous stone proud to show the signs of time. The alternative to the fusion of the two styles was taken by letting the differences and oppositions be perceived. Which give space to the presence of white and bright environments.

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