The new Bulgari Casablanca Collection - Excellent for Summer time Journey

Bulgari has joined forces with French brand Casablanca on Capsule Collection including several styles inspired by the world of tennis. It marks the first time the Rome-based jeweller has used wood in its handbag designs, and chimes with a desire to make the Serpenti bag more suitable for everyday use. French-Moroccan designer Charaf Tajer showcased Casablanca’s Fall 2022 collection via a short film partly shot at the Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace outside of Paris. The tie-up with Casablanca, unveiled during Paris Fashion Week, comes as Bulgari expands its presence in the French capital. The brand last year opened its refurbished flagship on Place Vendôme, the epicentre of high jewellery worldwide, as well as a luxury hotel in the city’s Golden Triangle that includes a boutique.

Tajer has always been fascinated by the international aura of Paris — its diplomats, its luxury hotels and the golden age of supersonic travel on the now-defunct Concorde airliner. He showcased his collection, titled “Le Monde Diplomatique,” with a short film featuring “Sex Education” star Emma Mackey as an international woman of mystery.

About this new collection partnering with Bulgari, included the creation of a brand new line of baggage, taking cues from traditional on-court fashion and Roman flair “We wanted to bring something new to the world of Bulgari,” Casablanca designer Charaf Tajer told WWD. “Nobody has ever associated Bulgari and tennis and I think it’s really modern, without challenging the codes of the brand or breaking with the past.” 

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