Cocktail di Mattarella - celebration of his re-election with a special cocktail

In celebration of Sergio Mattarella's re-election as President of Italy, the famous bartender Maila Mele, winner of various awards, created a refined cocktail, dedicated to Mattarella, bearing his name. The talented barman prepared a cocktail, made with pomegranate, which is a great lucky charm for health and well-being, called the Mattarella.  Francesco Capparrone, owner of the Passo Duomo bar, a popular bar and meeting place in Salerno, has always been sensitive to social, health and economic problems of the region. By having this cocktail created, he wanted to wish Italy's  distinguished President well and demonstrate that today's young people admire the true seriousness that emanates from the person of Sergio Mattarella, who led and will continue to lead our country as a good family man.

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