Renovated Trulli in Puglia - Stylish Residence or Holiday Homes

Trulli (singular, trullo) are traditional dry stone huts with a corbelled roof.  The style of construction is specific to the Itria Valley of the Italian region of Apulia. Trulli may be found in and out of Alberobello, and in the areas around Locorotondo, Fasano, Ostuni, Cisternino, Martina Franca, and Ceglie. Substantial investment has been made over the last few years in renovating these historic treasures. They have become in high demand for tourists not only as Holiday Rentals but also as Buy to Let investment; and also as unique luxury hotels.

The traditional trulli have a unique history; some scholars believe that they were as present as early as the 14th century, but it is in the 15th century that they have had their greatest expansion, coinciding with an edict of the Kingdom of Naples that imposed tributes to each new urban settlement. The ingenuity led the people to conceive of buildings that could be demolished with ease, in fact when the king’s delegate was about to collect taxes, it was enough to remove the keystone and here the houses were transformed into piles of stones.

 One particular stylish renovation project is the Trullo GT. Local firm reisarchitettura designed spaces to relax while immersed in rural nature and a typical, Apulian architecture — away from the noise of the city. The final layout includes two main areas: the main residence with an entrance, a kitchen, living room, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a guest house in the independent stone vault with its living room, bedroom, and bathroom. The reisarchitettura team has paid particular attention to using materials and construction techniques typical of the region. as such, they brought in a ‘maestro trullaro’, one who is specialized in these vernacular techniques. the mastetro proceeded to craft very thick dry-stone walls to protect from heat, and designed the roofs to collect rainwater.

Concerning the outdoor spaces — these were integrated into the terraced land supported by the dry-stone walls. facing the main ‘trullo’ is a swimming pool and a sand-coloured concrete paving inserted into the terrace overlooking the surrounding landscape. finally, the architect integrated a gazebo into the rocks, at the back, to create an outdoor dining area. indoors, natural stone mixes with typical lime plaster and bare concrete floor. at the same time, the painted wooden doors and windows, décor, and furnishings, reflect the vernacular style of local agricultural craftsmanship. The project involves the restoration and enlargement of a typical stone structure of “Valle d'Itria”. The original structure comprised two rooms “torretta ostunese” a “trullo” and an independent “lamia”. The structure was enlarged using a traditional line with a new trullo and tuff vaulted lamias. The project had particular care in using materials and building systems typical of the area. The builder brought his experience of “maestro trullaro”, a builder specialized in these typical houses.

Some other Trulli Renovation projects resulted in stunning hotels and private residence interiors. Providing the ideal location for a holiday or second home in the Salento region.

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