Combine your Italian decor with fabulous plants or stylish vertical indoor gardens

It happens to most people who live in the city to want a touch of green in their home but not to have a garden or a balcony large enough to indulge in gardening and choosing plants and flowers. For this reason, more and more people are using indoor plants as an element of home furnishings, creating a real "refuge" from the outside world that also facilitates the release of stress and tension accumulated during the day. This became even more relevant during the lockdowns due to the pandemic, But plants that are also beautiful that they have the power to transform the entire look of a room. And then, surrounding yourself with plants at home is good for you, as science says that houseplants reduce psychological and physiological stress, as well as the fact that plants purify the air.

You may wish to match the plants to the room you want to decorate. For example, plants in your kitchen, ideally are also used for cooking! Aromatic herbs are useful in the kitchen, beautiful, and they can be placed anywhere: on the windowsill, on the worktop, in the center of the table, giving aroma and colour to the whole environment. Some plants perform a purifying function of the air making it healthier. These plants are excellent allies in every kitchen and, more generally, in every home. Rosemary is perfect for creating a positive environment. 

The entrance to each house is the first place you visit upon entering the house, if the size allows it is an optimal place to arrange the plants. According to feng shui, the entrance is the place in the house where the greatest energy is concentrated, and the plants that give a sense of order and beauty are perfect, such as the spatifillo, coming from the Amazonian forest, luxuriant and with beautiful white flowers. If the entrance to your house is in a shaded area, the best plants to keep are the dracena and the kenzia, if it is in a light area, the ficus benjamin and fern are perfect.

Entrance, living room, even kitchen and bathroom. Each environment has its ideal plant, from the most impressive ones like the ficus benjamin to the more particular ones like the tillandsia. Not only do they furnish well, but they do also well for air purity.

The living room of a house is the place where you spend most of the day, where you welcome guests and relax. Large plants are perfect for this space. If, on the other hand, you want to enhance a corner or a piece of furniture, you can choose a plant that blooms in order to add a touch of colour and originality. Very suitable are cacti and succulents, or tillandsia, an aerial plant that will give more liveliness to the whole. Arranging plants on the sides of devices such as TVs or stereos helps absorb electromagnetic radiation.

Would you add plants in your bathroom? Absolutely! In the bathroom, plants combine useful with pleasure. The potting soil, in fact, helps to absorb bad smells. In this space, you can choose to place the plants on special shelves, which create an effect of movement, such as ivy, or the log of happiness. Both need little maintenance and remain beautiful and lush.

Those who have a passion for plants but do not have large terraces and gardens sometimes find themselves forced to give up the pleasure of cultivating them. However, in the world a new fashion is literally going crazy that will not make us regret not having outdoor spaces to decorate.  This technique consists in decorating the spaces of the house through plants but in a completely original way - vertical gardens.


Sundar Italia designs and manufactures vertical gardens and greenery paintings for indoors and outdoors.  In the dining room example, the clean lines of the interior and white furnishings enhances the beautiful vegetative wall or painting. In the other example, on the small vegetative wall inserted between the staircase and the access door to the internal courtyard of this hillside villa. The red flowers of Anthurium they embellish the composition giving a touch of colour to the garden.

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