Rai TV Italia, the new series arriving in 2022

For 2022 Rai Fiction has some new sequels and new stories. The second season on Rai 1 for Doctor Fanti of 'Doc', played by Luca Argentero.. And among the most awaited  'The brilliant friend' and the story of the courage of Manuel Bortuzzo. The courage of women, civic commitment , in the legal / dramedy setting, of divorce lawyers of Studio Battaglia, with Barbora Bobulova, Lunetta Savino and Miriam Dalmazio, in a story that weaves legal cases with unprecedented implications regarding the most current aspects of family law.  Faces loved by the public, such as Vittoria Puccini, Serena Rossi, Luca Argentero, Lino Guanciale, Flavio Insinna, between sequels and new series, are the stars of  Rai fiction in 2022.

From 13 January after the extraordinary success of ratings, the second season of Doc - In your hands arrives (directed by Beniamino Catena for the first 4 evenings and by Giacomo Martelli for the other 4) with Argentero and Matilde Gioli. In the new episodes, the goal of Dr. Andrea Fanti, who had lost his memory, is to return to being primary to defend his team.

The brilliant friend, by Elena Ferrante arrives from 9 February on RAI Fiction. The show’s hotly anticipated third season is based on the bestselling novel “My Brilliant Friend – Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay,” the third book of the quadrillage by Elena Ferrante. Elena is a person whose demon is the search for her talent. She doesn’t know if she’s talented but she’s seeking her identity: ‘Am I a real writer?’ Elena’s character plays out within a bourgeois drama or comedy. She has the restlessness of a certain type of 1970s Italian cinema, reminiscent of Monica Vitti in those years. Whereas Lila is a character who is still fighting for survival. So the references for her are a type of 1970s Italian and also American cinema that I love — films made for an adult audience with a brash and aggressive tone when it comes to Lila, and a softer more bourgeois — and also introspective — tone when we are portraying Elena. She is meditative, which we do with voice-over, she has love affairs. Her dilemmas are internal ones. Lila instead is completely projected outwards. She is fighting for survival; fighting against being molested; fighting against low salaries; fighting for her material dignity. At times, these two characters collide and that’s when it’s 100% ‘Brilliant Friend’!

“Non Mi Leave” with Puccini in the role of a deputy chief investigating a network of pedophiles responsible for the kidnapping and sale on the web of minor, directed by Ciro Visco with Alessandro Roja and Sarah Felberbaum. Starting with Noi, adaptation of the American series This Is Us: the story of the Peirò family with Lino Guanciale and Aurora Ruffino who face the challenge of raising triplets, on a journey that begins in the Eighties and arrives current events (directed by Luca Ribuoli).

New Sequel of  Don Matteo is now in the thirteenth season and faces an important step with the new entry of Raoul Bova in place of Terence Hill. After twenty years and more than 250 episodes, Terence Hill exists the series.  A symbolic passing of the baton that establishes a nice complicity between the two actors. There is no episode focused on Don Matteo’s departure – Hill warns – There will be no tears and hugs. Raoul arrives in the fifth episode and, later, it will be discovered what kind of bond unites him to my character: Don Matteo himself to have it chosen as successor. In short, a change of pace, an opportunity to go further, to explore new and transversal themes for all generations. Don Matteo a sort of spiritual father of  Don Massimo (Bova). His character has a mysterious past behind him, a troubled, violent history, he nearly died and reached his 40 years without ever wearing a priest’s cassock. However, the meeting with the investigating parish priest changes his life. 

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