How to eat Spaghetti according to Jessica Chastain

There are things that Italians have in their DNA, as they were taught as children or because them doing  instinctively. The video of actress Jessica Chastain who was in Italy for the Rome Film Festival, posted the images on Instagram to explain how to eat spaghetti properly. Jessica Chastain teaches how to eat spaghetti (without spoon) in the Instagram video. Here are the rules for eating long pasta: 

How to eat spaghetti: the rules

For the benefit of all  non-Italians who want to know how to roll long pasta on a fork, here are the 5 rules how to eat spaghetti with nonchalance, without looking like a tourist on their first trip to Rome.

  1. To roll the long pasta use a fork, so do not use the spoon. 
  2. Do not cut the spaghetti with a knife, spaghetti are eaten as a whole. One only breaks spaghetti  (raw) if you want to cook them in broth or in a soup with legumes. In these cases, you can eat them with a spoon (without a fork).
  3.  Away also with the bread. Helping with the crumbs,  is not allowed.
  4. To get a perfect knot, spin some pasta with a fork (not too much to avoid a big bite), move it towards the edge of the plate, tilt it slightly and roll it up.
  5.  Bring it to your mouth only when all the spaghetti are well rolled up, without hanging threads. Otherwise, the splash on the shirt is guaranteed. "Sucking" is also forbidden, only allowed with noodles (which are then usually served in broth).

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