Commissario Montalbano's train is due to leave - between Montelusa and Vigàta

A historic train AA historic train crossing the places described by Andrea Camilleri in his books dedicated to the legendary Commissario Montalbano.  Montelusa, Vigàta and all those places that the writer, first in the books and later on TV, Camilleri redesigned the map of Sicily. The tour will make a stop at the main historical and artistic destinations of the Val di Noto, in particular the cities of Noto, Scicli, Modica and Syracuse, along a railway line that is largely little used today. The Baroque train allows you to discover the most authentic atmosphere of Sicily, one made of dry stone walls, rugged nature, sun and sea in the background. This is the Sicily of Commissioner Montalbano, full of stories, anecdotes and traditions to be discovered. 

Getting on the Baroque train means taking a journey through time through the historical and artistic wonders of Sicily. Like every summer, this fantastic tour starts again aboard a vintage train that allows tourists to cross the Val di Noto aboard a Centoporte train, with carriages dating back to the 1930s pulled by a locomotive. The train will stop at the stations of numerous Sicilian Baroque cities, declared World Heritage Sites by Unesco in 2002.The train is not a simple means of transport, but becomes the destination of the journey: it is a train-museum that offers a real tourist service and for this reason the stops in the towns to visit are longer than a normal train service. 

During the stops, travellers will have the opportunity to take part in guided tours or excursions. The ticket price is 20 euros for adults and 10 euros for children. Tickets can be booked via Fondazione FS Italiane.

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