The Chianti Region - Real Estate Boom

The Chianti real estate boom: villas and estates with vineyards are of great appeal to foreign buyers. Between the economic crisis and the pandemic, a high-end real estate demand  has started again in Tuscany. Over 2000 requests for 2021, only one condition: that there is a vineyard. The prices of castles, medieval villages, villas and historic estates in Chianti are on the rise. If once the search was generically oriented to properties in the green Tuscan countryside, today the request is targeted: it does not matter if it is a small patch of land or dozens and dozens of hectares of land, but the adjoining vineyard is a must. Real Estate agents such as Lionard or  Immobiliare Italiano can help with finding just the right property.

Buying a property in Tuscany can be expensive thanks to a rise in remote-working, some are keen to take on the challenge. 

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