Sorrento Gnocchi Day - event not to be missed!

The tourist-economic recovery begins at the table. And so Sorrento Gnocchi Day starts from Sorrento: four days until Sunday 10 October in which 64 restaurants in Italy and around the world presented their own versions of Gnocchi alla Sorrentina. One of the iconic dishes of Campania cuisine, which has "evolved" from home kitchens to Michelin Star Restaurants; with many variations and recipes.

The preview of the event organized by Carmen Davolo Dieffe Communication at the Circolo Forestieri - Terrazza delle Sirene in Sorrento. The chefs Mario Affinita, Giuseppe Aversa, Giovanni Mariconda for Paolo Barrale, Pasquale De Simone, Andrea Napolitano, Marco Parlato, Lino Scarallo, Giuseppe Stanzione and Vincenzo Guarino are busy in the kitchen. Original, imaginative and tasty, the chefs' interpretations have highlighted how the Gnocco alla Sorrentina, with its simple ingredients: potatoes, flour, eggs, fiordilatte, extra virgin olive oil and tomato, lends itself to giving life to proposals with consistencies , shapes and even dishes that are very different from each other.

The chefs' proposals were preceded by the traditional Montanare, small fried pizzas topped with tomato and grated cheese, prepared by Vincenzo Iannucci, brand ambassador and Nuvola specialist of Mulino Caputo. And to conclude, there was no shortage of new desserts by master pastry chef Ciro Poppella dedicated to the city of Tasso "Poppilly - I love Sorrento".

On the Facebook page "Sorrento Gnocchi Day" it is possible to consult the complete list of restaurants participating in the event, created with the support of numerous sponsors who believed in the first edition of the event, as well as admire some of the proposals on the menu for this second weekend in October and beyond.

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