Personality Test - the type of Cornetto you choose provide insights to your personality

The cornetto is one of the most consumed pastries for Italian breakfast next to a steaming cappuccino: let's  discover your personality based on which pastry you prefer. Cornetto filled with vanilla cream or chocolate, plain or with jam. Cornetto derived from the classic pastry/kipferl  born in Austria and then established itself in France, which became the homeland of the croissant. In Italy, as the cornetto it is one of the most consumed pastries for breakfast, especially at the bar, where they are usually accompanied by a nice cappuccino. So let's find out on the basis of which cornetto we prefer, more about our personality. Grazie a Mammeincucina!

The cornetto for breakfast is now a custom not only of the French but also of the Italians. A puff pastry that is cut into triangles, then rolled into a crescent shape. They are left to rise and then baked in the oven. A real goodness that awaits us when we wake up in all the Italian bars. I love the smell when passing bakeries.  Obviously you can also bake them at home.  Which type of cornetto do you prefer from these three alternatives?

1 - Cornetto filled with Chocolate or Vanilla Cream

If you prefer this filling, you tend to be more self-centered;  you love to indulge and you like to focus on your well-being and leisure. You don't like sacrifices and you hate being forced to do something. On the other hand, your company is pleasant because you are sure of yourself and are able to pass this energy on to others. You are charismatic and everyone calls you a leader. But watch out - don't be too selfish.

2 - Plain Cornetto

If you prefer a plain cornetto - without filling, your prerogative is practicality. You don't like to make it too complicated;  you prefer to simplify your life by all possible and imaginable means. You are organized and operational. You do not waste time and always complete what you have to do within the required time. Very disciplined personality!

3 - Cornetto filled with Jam

If you prefer your cornetto filled with jam. You have a sweet and kind personality - you are the typical mother hen. Even if you don't have children, and even more so if you do, you make others feel safe and protected at all times. You care for your neighbours and put your family first even at the expense of yourself. Don't neglect yourself though, always remember that you have to look after yourself too!

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