Winter gondola design by Philippe Starck as the new symbol for Venice

Philippe Starck was invited by Marco Balich (the creator of the tree of life at expo 2015 and of most Olympic ceremonies) to come up with a new symbol for veniSIA, a Venice-based corporate accelerator dedicated to the development of business ideas and technological solutions capable of facing climate change and various environmental challenges.  Philippe Starck has designed a solar-powered futuristic gondola for Venice. Starting from one of the most representative icons of the city - the Gondola, the French designer unveils the ‘dream of winter gondola‘,  that blends the identity of Italian beauty and heritage with his talent to convey a message of worldwide resonance. The 3D image of the new gondola design will be exhibited at Ca‘ Foscari’s strategy innovation hub, where thousands of students will be able to study and appreciate it.

The magic of the Gondola - ‘I have a lot of admiration and respect for the gondola, one of the most complex boats in the world with its completely asymmetrical design but which nevertheless perfectly balances its weight and can navigate easily even in the most difficult conditions.  It’s pure magic,’ he mentions. ‘and this is why it a great honor for me to imagine a dream gondola and, above all, a winter gondola with a small room in the center. that’s why what I show today does not try to be realistic but is just a dream,’ the French Designer comments. The characteristics of the new gondola by Philippe Starck is made as a durable structure with integrated hi-tech features (algae bioresins, compressed bamboo, solar-powered gyro stabilizer, electric assistance with mini solar-powered electric turbine and hydrogenerator, etc.)

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