Delicious Italian Breakfast - Brioche Cornetto with Nutella

The cornetto - the Italian croissant is the  common breakfast accompaniment to your preferred Italian coffee option; whether Cappuccino or Espresso. And as we know to start the day on the "right foot" it is necessary to have a delicious breakfast - whether in your preferred bar, café or at home.

Empty, filled with chocolate, cream, Nutella, jam and so on, the cornetto represent the classic Neapolitan and Campania breakfast, but also the Italian breakfast in general. There are variations of fillings ranging from the one with most calories (cream and Nutella, Nutella and pistachio and various combinations of creams), to the lightest (honey or jam without sugar).


500 g flour 00; 1 egg; 1 yolk; 8 g fresh yeast; 40 g butter; 90 g sugar; 220 g latte (approx.); to taste Nutella®


Dissolve the yeast in a little milk and set aside. Pour the flour into a bowl or into the robot, add the sugar, mix, the eggs, the butter into pieces and the baking powder. Knead gradually adding milk until the dough becomes workable, firm, not too soft. Make a ball and put it to rest in a bowl covered with plastic wrap and let it rest until doubled, approximately 3-4 hours. After the time has elapsed, take the dough and roll it out on the work surface, make a sort of pizza. Draw a cross, then trace the diagonals and make 8 triangles, stuff the base with a teaspoon of Nutella. Roll up starting from the base then curve the tips inwards, place the croissants on the plate covered with paper. Let it rest for 30 minutes then heat the oven to 180 °, bake and cook for 15 minutes. Bon appétit. Grazie a Gialliozafferano.it

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