Try these Food Hot Spots on the Amalfi Coast

The restaurant scene along the Amalfi Coast is world renown for its fabulous seafood dishes; understandably so given the coast past marine history. For example, in Amalfi, fresh clams are served as a condiment for the famous handmade pasta: the Scialatielli di Amalfi. The typical pasta is strictly hand-made with flour, milk, oil, cheese, basil, pepper and salt, and is ideal for enjoying any type of seasoning because its particular texture absorbs the sauces and embellishes them with its aroma.

Another typical dish that enriches the Amalfi cuisine is the Minestra Marinata, cooked with vegetables boiled in chicken broth and "pezzenta", the local sausage made of pork rinds and offal. 

Riva del Fuenti

A language of marine nature lapped by the coastal waters, ready to welcome its guests for a sun and sea bath. Accessible directly by stairs and lifts from the central body of the Gardens, Riva del Fuenti is also a safe landing place for those coming from the sea thanks to the equipped pier and the support services offered.

The offer is completed by a restaurant by the sea whose view embraces the entire Gulf of Salerno. A refined and informal environment with a cuisine that brings the sea to your plate, through local, seasonal and fresh ingredients. A restaurant that looks to tradition dressed in elegance, to give our customers a sensational gastronomic experience.

Beach delivery  de luxe includes specialities include Club sandwich: slightly toasted sandwich bread, grilled chicken, scrambled egg, lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise, bacon, and fried potatoes or Anchovies Caesar: Romanin lettuce heart, grilled spring onion, dry tomatoes, Cetara anchovies, Crapolla raw shrimps and Caesar sauce

Antipasti like Polpo*, seppie** e crostacei arrosto, olio EVO e sfusato amalfitano;  Roasted octopus*; cuttlefishes** and shellfish, EVO oil and sfusato amalfitano (Amalfi Lemon followed by Cavatelli di pasta cotta alla Nerano e ragù di pesce spada - Cavatelli pasta cooked in Nerano style with swordfish sauce. Tubetti con crema di peperoncini estivi, polline di finocchietto e alici fresche. Tubes with red pepper paste, fennel pollen and fresh anchovies.

Ristorante Evu’ Vietri sul Mare

In the maze of the Vietri alleys, the so-called "Vicolo di San Giovanni" is very suggestive, which from the center of the country wedges itself towards the alley that leads us straight to the Duomo. It is here that we come across this small restaurant - Ristorante Evu Vietri sul Mare, well managed by his mentor Riccardo Faggiano, within which we

welcomes with grace and kindness Anna, the mother and Amalia, the wife.

The family atmosphere immediately envelops us, making us feel at ease. We can also settle comfortably outside and thus enjoy the view of the various ceramic shops that surround the Evu '.

Divina Vietri

The Divina Vietri Pizzeria, was born from the passion for a simple and poor dish, typical of the Neapolitan tradition. Which became known as  a delicacy, thanks to the study and work that family invested in the  search for the highest quality products, and piazzailo craftmanship. Starting with the typical Neapolitan dough rising from 48 to 72 hours, accompanied by the freshest ingredients land and sea has to offer. 

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