Authentic Gourmet Pizza from Naples!

The young pizza maker Ciro Oliva is a predestined one: son of Antonio Oliva, he is the fourth generation heir of the family. The story of "Concettina ai Tre Santi" began in 1951 when Ciro's great-grandmother, Concettina Flessigno Oliva, in front of her bass, with joy and dedication, baked many fried pizzas for the whole Rione Sanità. Visiting the Sanità, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Naples and full of evidence of the past, is a unique experience. The name of the pizzeria derives from the fact that it stands next to the votive shrine of three saints. For some years Ciro, in agreement with his family, has decided to lead the family Pizzeria personally taking care of the design and development of the pizzas, through continuous research, based on the enhancement of tradition without disdaining innovation. The two great traditional classic pizze - Marinara and Margherita have raised entire generations of Neapolitans and trained their palate.

 In recent years, the Oliva idea of "excellent pizza" has been born, which today includes about a dozen brand new creations in continuous renewal. MARGHERITAPomodoro San Marzano Dop**, Fior di Latte, Pecorino, Basilico e Olio evo.  TERRE MIA- Filled with Broccoli dellOrto, Potatoes, Red Wine Reduction, Black Pig Lard, Rosemary, Maldon Salt and Pepper and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Potato Chips out. 'O RRAU' - Stuffed with Ricotta di Fuscella di Bufala, Ragù di Carne and Parmiggiano Reggiano aged 48 months and Basil. Panino ANNARELL - Artichokes, Provola and Prosciutto Crudo 24 months of seasoning. CETARESE -San Marzano DOP tomato **, Piennolo tomatoes, black olives, capers, anchovies, white garlic, basil, oregano and extra virgin olive oil.

Ingredients for the delicious pizza are superior and include dairy products, cured meats, tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, vegetables from organic crops. In many cases, the products are selected from those of the Slow Food Presidia and the Alliance of Taste. For tomatoes, the main product is SAN MARZANO DOP, an excellence of our region, the selection of this ingredient is as rigid as the others, because the tomato represents the essence of traditional Neapolitan pizza. The choice falls on preserves made with fresh harvested products, hand-filled jars, free of artificial preservatives so that you can savor the authentic taste of the freshly harvested tomato itself. Buffalo mozzarella - Buffalo mozzarella used is strictly the Campania one and is produced exclusively with fresh whole buffalo milk. Mozzarella usually has a rounded shape, but it can come in other forms. The color is porcelain white, has a very thin crust of about 1 mm. When cut, the mozzarella has a light white draining, with the scent of lactic ferments. The flavor is delicate and very characteristic. Basilico - the basil: as everyone knows, the fundamental rules for this fresh ingredient is that fresh basil must be added strictly after cooking the pizza, if it were cooked it would lose all its flavor and color. Its splendid color with green tones means that it is thought that it has only an ornamental function, but it is not so: on the Margherita, but also on other pizzas, basil with its aromas is a primary ingredient for the success of the pizza!

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