Taormina - the essence of Sicily

How about experiencing the essence of Sicily in just a few kilometres - Taormina. Cactus gardens, bougainvillea climbing on the walls overlooking the sea; fabulous art and history relating to the Greeks, Arabs, Normans. Then you have the volcano Etna,  access to the freshest fish from the coast and the ability to indulge in typical Sicilian delicacies such as  granitas and pasta alla Norma . Writers, poets, artists and celebrities have passed through Taormina. A stunning Sicilian destination in which to indulge in luxuries and a very cosmopolitan atmosphere; but still maintaining a wild and ancient charm due to its very strong connection with the land and the sea and its perfect location between the Nature reserves and Unesco heritage sites.

The walk along Corso Umberto is mandatory and will immerse you in a real palette of colours, plunged into the blue of the sky and the sea and the colours of the works of the artisans. This Corso that starts in the north from Porta Messina and ends in the south with Porta Catania will already give you access to some of the key attractions of Taormina, such as the Church of San Giuseppe , Piazza IX Aprile overlooking the sea and the Cathedral of San Nicola . Between one opera and another you can treat yourself to a brioche with mulberry granita or a cannoli and you will already feel like a  Sicilian. At the edge of the town on a hill;  you'll find the public gardens and the Villa Comunale . The gardens were once the park of Lady Florence Trevelyan's home and are a luxurious masterpiece of plants, flowers and beautiful artifacts.

Taormina is a very popular tourist destination ; so it is important to find authentic and good food, hence go off the beaten tourist track to find authentic and good food. Such as Bistrot Sikè in the the historic center of Taormina, in Corso Umberto. This bistro offers typical Sicilian specialities such as Sicilian swordfish rolls  or a cannoli with ricotta. For a magical dinner, choose something more chic with breath-taking views of the sea and Mount Etna, the Baronessa Restaurant.  At the Osteria Santa Domenica, you have to try dishes such as the Mancini pacchero with Nebrodi Black Pig Ragout with Ragusano DOP Fondue, the egg with the Bianchetto truffle from Palazzolo or when in season the tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms; remember that it is the favourite of the locals.

Refined Sicilian cuisine at the Gattopardo restaurant under the guidance of chef Riccardo Fazio , very young patron at the restaurant of the  VRetreats Mazzarò Sea Palace. The Passita menu in Sicily- a walk in Sicily - offers a journey through Sicilian ingredients, but prepared with a untraditional twist. To taste its cuttlefish veil, almond ice cream, mazzara del vallo shrimp , mullet with white chocolate sauce , spaghetti with sea urchins, are taste bud explosions. However, the menu does not lack the typical Sicilian dish, the pasta alla Norma, revisited and reassembled in a ravioli. 

It is right on the Mazzarò beach where the suites of the VRetreats Mazzarò Sea Palace , overlook the sea. The first five-star Hotel which opened in Taormina. Whether being woken up by the waves or watching the sunrise over the sea, this Resort provide a exceptional luxury experience in the Sicilian sun with private access to one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast. The proximity of the hotel to the funicular allows you to reach the center of Taormina in a few minutes, and with a short walk or a boat excursion you can reach Isola Bella, a nature reserve framed by high cliffs, a paradise for those who love snorkelling in crystal clear emerald waters. The Mazzarò Sea Palace also features the famous Tancredi Bar - a stylish setting with music and an enchanting panorama will accompany guests in a moment of serenity. The panoramic terrace of the Tancredi Bar is ideal for sipping a refreshing cocktail or savouring a light lunch, immersed in the sparkle of the Baia di Mazzarò.

You cannot go to Sicily and not indulge in a breakfast with the famous brioche with tuppo and granita . Opt for the classic options such as almond or mulberry. But there of course also other flavours such as pistachios, coffee, strawberries, for figs. And a splash of cream for those who are really greedy. If you are wandering around the alleys of Taormina the obligatory stop is the Bam Bar , which has become one of the most famous Sicilian bars in terms of granita: in addition to the classic found some wonderful seasonal variations such as watermelon and prickly pears in summer and mandarin in winter, or chocolate granita. Soon, you want to have this type of breakfast every day!

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